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De-stress Kit for the Changing Times

September 23, 2009

De-stress Kit for the Changing Times

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Well with a title like that it better offer relief and yes, the De-stress Kit for the Changing Times does just that.

All of us at times, need a de-pressurization of sorts.  At least I sure do!  If you have not yet heard of the Institute of HeartMath, IHM ( you are in for a treat.  This organization has been doing some amazing scientific research in the very important field of heart-brain science.  This exceptional read of only 12 pages, will give you real guidance for allowing a lifting of the spirit which is then translated into the physical body.  I would like to personally thank the founder of HeartMath, Doc Childre for creating such a wonderful life affirming document.

In the De-stress Kit for the Changing Times you will find 12 short practices to help cope with the inevitable stress we encounter and as they say- “to reset our system and move forward in these changing times”. Again, this is not voodoo science but an actual how-to practical application of scientifically proven stress relief mechanisms we all can do.  Everyone will find some practice to improve their well-being and lift their spirit.

Below is a glimpse at some of the profound practices discussed-

  • Communicate and interact with others
  • Practice appreciation and gratitude
  • Decrease drama
  • Heart focused breathing to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Sleep & Exercise
  • Reduce comparing now with the way is was
  • Reducing fear

So take advantage of this little gem and download your copy for a little stress reduction help in these changing times.  Oh, and don’t forget to share this with others!

Click below to download your pdf copy-

De-Stress Kit for the Changing Times

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