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Mayan 2012 Countdown Clock

October 21, 2009
Mayan 2012 Countdown Clock
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Doomsday? Fear not!

It’s only the end of a Great Age, and the birth of a new era of what could be described as the beginning of Light & Life. We all must understand how we individually look and perceive this date effects in many ways, how we shall experience it. Another important point is- astronomical data and earthly events of recent, prove without a doubt we have been in a transitional phase for sometime now. Look around you and witness the change happening at an ever increasing speed. Some changes could be labeled not-so-good and others, great. 


What to Expect

Expect rapid change to continue a bit past the 2012 date. While it is true the Mayan belief held through tradition, spoke with absolute certainty that major changes occurred at each end of an age. Likewise, we should expect the same.  The question then becomes- What will we collectively experience? Certainly some have reason for concern on all fronts as unprecedented world issues come forth unabated demanding resolution. Add to that the ongoing terrestrial changes, the unseen before bewildering spectacles in the nearby cosmos and our own solar system. However, while being faced with calamity or forced change, history proves humanity has an innate ability to prosper through adversity. Yes, together we all will need to dig deep finding solutions along with some lasting peace that passes all understanding. 

In fact, this time around, we will have the complete power to excel unlike before and without external limitations. It will be a world being born beyond our wildest imaginations. All of us are changing consciously in this process even at the molecular, DNA level as well. None of us are exempt. So, be fortunate to witness this time of great change for the better. Allow yourself also to be part of the process and share in the understanding living more fully. I suspect during this transition (2000~2017) we will experience profound change culminating in a clash of the Titans. Metaphorically clashing that is.

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The Daily Challenge

If issues or daily life seem insurmountable, stand back and begin to detach yourself from the event. Regardless of whatever it is, or, who may have caused it. Imagine as if you’re a spectator of a game being played out or you are simply watching a movie. Don’t yell at the screen with the image playing before your eyes expecting the drama to change. Consider at that point, the “movie” has already been produced. Re-direct your focus to what you want to see; not what you don’t. Another key is raising your ability to perceive through a heightened awareness, that which you were unable to see before. Be careful not to quickly take sides as that will only fuel the idea that we are separate from one another. That age old belief serves us no more and is a root cause of our current situation. Break free of the “us vs. them” mentality. That debilitating mind-set will soon no longer exist. Better to get rid of that monkey now if you still carry that mischievous beast around.

Challenge yourself daily to find and focus on anything of value, something to appreciate about what you are witnessing or experiencing. Yes, sometimes it can be tough at first. Today’s cutting-edge science of the heart and mind including recent discoveries in quantum physics, point to the fact that as we observe matter we actually can effect through our thoughts, (the heart) how matter reacts. There are only self imposed limits as to the full potential and unbelievable benefits available when applying this principle. Practice daily the attitude of gratitude. At first it may seem awkward or even feel impossible to search for a reason to be grateful or appreciate what you are experiencing. Yet with time you will become adept mastering and reaping a profound well-being it creates. This life affirming effect will magically appear in all three important aspects of life- physically, mentally and spiritually. As the countdown clock ticks off the time to December 21, 2012, be well in knowing it does not signify doomsday is approaching.


For an in depth, close look at December 21, 2012 and its implications for our future, check out this article-
Precession of The Equinox- from Darkness into Light

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