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Time and Space Illusion

November 23, 2009

Time-Space vs. Space-Time 2012 Zero Point Convergence

In contemplating the apparent illusion time plays in synchronicities which we all experience in our lives, it occurred to me long ago, you need not go too far down the rabbit hole of quantum physics to understand in a practical manner, the “what” and “whys” in your life. One key to understanding these unique synchronicities is being aware first and foremost, that there are no coincidences regardless of how bazaar events may seem. We at times have difficulty making the connections to events or even conversations which carry the very answers or even clues in response to what we have desired and place an order for. Again, awareness, a sort of being “tuned” into the higher forms of powerful emotions balanced with intelligent mind create opportunities we must recognize to live more joyfully thus enabled to share a limitless power we all need.

Do We Really Hold The Key?

The age old wisdom spoken and written in so many different ways such as- “ask and ye shall receive” is none other than today’s re-packaged “Secret” of co-creation. As so many have in the past and even to this day, believed a transformative, magical, miracle of power existed outside of us, when all along, it resides in our hearts. So how can we better personally understand and effectively apply this gift?

Fundamentally the power lies in our emotions and daily become more knowledgeable in interpreting the language spoken by our hearts. As the local solar system including Earth and all its inhabitants consciously balance and re-tune to the language of light emitted from our heart center in the form of emotions, we are more able in communicating collectively the universal language of Unconditional Love. The language of Unconditional Love is reflected in our emotions through feelings of appreciation, gratitude and thankfulness. The Secret in no more complicated than this very statement.

Below is a video transcript of Time and Space Illusion delivered from a higher dimensional consciousness known as Abraham. These collective multi-dimensional beings (or consciousness) have traversed our time-space reality offering a simple explanation of the co-creative mechanisms now utilized in our reality. Mentioned are what quickens and also that which hinders our magical co-creation process and why we chose this venue of creation. Please leave a comment sharing with me and others how you experience or apply this magical process in your life.

Time and Space Illusion- why we chose it.

The reason you have come forth into this wonderful time and space reality is because it gives you a structure that helps you to focus which gives you the benefit of noting your progress; it’s just a way that as a leading edge deliberate creator, you can more emphatically feel your movement, your progress your evolution. So, time as well as space are integral to this leading edge creative process that you are upon.

Rather than thinking so much about time, we encourage you to contemplate the idea that things are constantly expanding. In other words, even with this conversation we are having together now, we are taking thought beyond that which it has been before. So you might say- that the universe has expanded and is more now where it was less before. So rather than thinking about time, think about expansion. The amount of time that it takes for something to manifest is only as much time as it takes for you to achieve vibrational alignment with what you are looking for. So, if you are feeling disappointed or anxious or frustrated, then you are holding yourself apart from what you want indefinitely until you change that feeling to one of hopefulness or expectation.

You can’t say it takes this many days to create this and this many hours to create that, because everyone is in a different vibrational proximity to what they are wanting. So, if we were standing in your physical shoes, rather than saying- “it will take this much time to accomplish this”, we would say: I have to be this happy to accomplish it. And how much time will it take me to get that happy is up to you. You have to practice hopeful thoughts, expectant thoughts, thoughts of appreciation, thoughts of happiness. Someone could be disappointed or impatient year after year after year and what they want would never seem to come and it is not because it is not queued up and ready, and it is not because it could not come tomorrow or this week, it is because they are vibrationally out of sync with it. The things you want feel good when you get there, but you have to feel good before you get there or you‘ll hold them apart and time can be indefinite, you see.

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