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The Transformative Power- Gratitude

November 26, 2009

Gratitude is not just an Attitude

What better day than Thanksgiving Day to contemplate and take a closer look at the profound power of gratitude. In reality, this wonderful gift is offered to everyone everyday because it is only a thought away. So what really is gratitude and what are the benefits to us when we open our hearts allowing such a transforming power to enrich us and others touched by its power? How can we apply gratitude frequently and most importantly, apply it naturally?

Gratitude could be summed up as the heart-generated thoughts and spoken words of appreciation and thankfulness for anything, anyplace or anyone in our lives. It provides contentment, comfort and relief in times of stress and uncertainty; it is a reflection of unspeakable joy and love in times when we experience sheer ecstasy in our lives. But for all these benefits, gratitude’s life affirming power is only a thought away anytime we choose. It is the breath of life.

As time passes we tend to become less child-like in our curiosity to explore the keys to a joyous, magically fun-filled life. It stands to reason given the push and pull of daily life as we sometimes shelve this important part of our being. Laughter is medicinal; a smile can lift a weary heart just as a gentle loving hug can remove barriers we have built around our hearts. So to can a grateful heart transform ones very being and the lives of others who are touched by sincere words and gestures of appreciation and thankfulness. The physical benefits alone of practicing gratitude are immense and well documented. All these are scientific facts, yet the science behind gratitude is neither the primary intent nor direction of this article. Besides, it feels wonderful and that is reason enough to practice such a beautiful gift we have at our disposal.

The Good, Bad and Grateful

The fundamental basis of gratitude is reflection, permitting one to rewind the tape of all your life experiences regardless of how you felt- those great or not so great when they first occurred. However, this same process typically applied in a historical manner from our memories, is easily applied in the “now” which is our true place of existence. That is to say, outside of “time”. Reflecting from a higher level of awareness in the “Now” provides for a much easier point of assimilation to gather new opportunities to see and experience feelings of gratefulness in our lives. One common thought hurdle that must be navigated when digging for something to be grateful about in those not-so-pleasant life events is becoming less attached in the emotional signature or energy surrounding an event.

Removing attachment is the act of being non-judgmental and once you have achieved that level of release, gratefulness and thus, thoughts of gratitude are released and arise easily and automatically. Yes, a bit of practice must take place within our thoughts, but first, it comes from an open heart and a clear understanding that we alone control and are responsible for our thoughts. Thoughts from our heart center create blissful feelings lifting us into greater levels of perception enabling from within, to see an entirely different place. Sometimes these feelings seem unworldly and indeed they are! Fortunately your heart need not be fully open to experience a wonderful liberating release; just be easy with yourself and the process soon it will flow naturally.

As for the pleasant life memories and appreciation for those who share our lives, one can easily collect thoughts which are immersed in gratitude. Memories we have and share are invaluable in helping us develop and apply a grateful heart. Not only are fond, wonderful memories normally abundant, they offer a multitude from which to easily contemplate thereby gaining practice in your daily use of gratitude. Conscious reflection can be experienced in the most inconspicuous places and events because this is where the art of allowing transforms our experiences. Start today taking some personal reflection time and challenge yourself to find a few thoughts worthy of gratitude and share them with others. Begin to notice how much better you feel and quite possibly at the same moment spread the power of gratitude amongst others!

To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live gratitude is to touch heaven”. – Johannes A. Gaertner

The Universal Law

It should not come as a surprise to many that this universe we exist in has definitive rules that govern all. Not withstanding the appearance of seemingly random chaos, we have immutable, universal laws that are predictable and which repeat providing us with an unwavering foundation to build our lives upon. There is great comfort found in this knowledge. The Law of Gratitude is just one of those universal laws. You could even say gratitude is a fragment of Unconditional Love. As thoughts are wave-forms, frequencies of energy, they likewise attract similar forms of resonate energy. The shocking part of grateful thoughts and even those of appreciation is that when we concentrate on these thoughts, similar events begin to appear in our lives. The reason is, thoughts of gratitude are some of the most powerful high vibration forms that a human can generate. And as a result, like attracts like, it is a law.

If we are to experience life on a more abundant level, focusing our attention on what we want rather that what we do not want is the key. Practicing gratitude takes us to that very special place. Consider there is no such thing as exclusion in this world. Another universal law is that our universe delivers the essence of thoughts regardless of the intended outcome. Saying you don’t want something in your life wrapped in an emotionally charged focus is in fact inviting that which is unwanted. That would be an un-grateful form of thought. Be conscious of how you phrase statements and your thoughts. It’s a bit tricky at first but practice wrapping them (gratefully) in a positive light thinking how you will feel when they arrive in your experience. Likewise do the same when sharing your feelings with others as words just as thoughts have the power to create or destroy. Above all, apply gratitude to overcome contrarian ways of thinking replacing them with thoughts of appreciation and positive outcomes. It really is that simple.

25 Reasons to be Grateful

For starters, the link below contains a wonderful, thought provoking piece I found (thank you) that someone did showcasing 25 reasons to be grateful. It can be a helpful point of reference reminding us of common things in our lives which we so often take for granted. This position is one of merely forgetfulness and is opposite to a heart filled with gratitude and appreciation which is easily transmuted as we have read. We all sometimes need a gratitude adjustment, the gentle reminders as to what really matters in making this world turn. Access the key to the only foolproof system of love in the galaxy, a key to infinite possibilities a key to all joy and life- practice the gift of Gratitude. Enjoy!

Click on this link to download your copy of 25 reasons to be grateful in pdf format.

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