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2012 is Happening Inside You

December 25, 2009

2012 is Happening Inside You

For all the talk of 2012 (what I refer to as the Shift of The Age) combined with the outward evidence continuing to mount that something great is unfolding before our very eyes, I wanted to put out there some thoughts about the human, internal process this Shift creates. In doing so, we each could very well find more inter-connectedness and peace through awareness about our personal life events which more often than not, bring with them actual physical bodily manifestations occurring from within. As can be expected in our naturally ever evolving mind, spirit and personality, certain new attributes and effects cannot easily be thrown aside without a bit of introspection. To that consideration this article is directed.

To a Higher Vibration of Light

It is true that an individual cannot get to where they need to be if one continually holds onto the past. That is resistance to a higher calling- remaining deep seated in restrictive forms of thoughts or actions. Resistance is not always so easy to interpret in our daily life as it unfolds. Sometimes by nature, they are ever so subtle which can remove them totally off our normal detection capabilities. But not removed for very long these days as we are now finding out. And that as they say “is a good thing”.

As personal resistance increases or even expedited changes in our lives increase, repetitive symptoms appear signaling a change in direction is required. Here is where one must pay closer attention, and inquiry begins. A needed directional change could initiate from a simple desire- a re-direction of focused thought which in turn, opens us up to experience profound, often liberating freedom exhibited consciously and even physically. Another directional change could just as easily be one physical in nature.

Good, familiar examples like a sincere effort towards a healthier lifestyle; taking nutrition and exercise and pushing it beyond where you have ever been before. Not merely another New Years resolution, we are talking real deep seated conviction and determination coming from within. Other physical examples and their source are not so easily discernible some even defying logic and reasoning. Symptoms which sometimes can elude even the most practiced physician, or worse yet, may be diagnosed incorrectly. So what can we do? Where does it all lead and what are the meanings?

These are just a few questions we will explore to better understand what is happening as these changes escalate not only in our environment but also within each of us physically, mentally and spiritually. As our planet and each of us upon it ride through this amazing time of accelerated change, we all play a very pivotal role in the transformation. The world is quickly moving forward, we must do so as well and it begins from within before we can create what we want outwardly. This is the key to a new, paradigm evolving on Earth which could be easily described as place 100 times better in every way than previously known. In the process of your own personal evaluation, you may then more easily see how others too are going along in this incredible ride, many unaware of what is happening and you will be well equipped to offer encouragement knowing our direction is in fact, the right one for a brighter future.

A Search of the Soul

I must emphasize a Utopian world does not emerge from an external salvation regardless of how divine this may sound or feel. Unless of course you look at what happens to the human condition for a brief time after a major natural catastrophe. These events herald in the best of mankind revealing our true, loving, higher nature and many times these are permanent life changing ordeals for those involved. The opposite of these catastrophes and excluded, are man-made calamities since the effect is short lived just like the typical New Years resolution.

This in part is because inevitably many of these disastrous events are designed to illicit a separation of mankind on a large scale. This is done in order to propagate strife leading to controlled, mass direction which otherwise would not be available to the perpetrators had their intentions been laid bare earlier. So much in the same way, Earth provides a natural process to facilitate needed change so too our lives and bodies do likewise. Waiting in a non-active and non-participatory mode hoping for someone or something to do our heavy lifting is an egregious misstep. It is at these junctures of change that symptoms of a greater need arise within us.

First through mental thoughts and imagery further along translated into physical observations reflecting rumblings deep within our very souls. In the beginning one can feel utterly isolated and afraid absent of the knowledge that we are all sharing together in this collective birthing now taking place. One fact remains in that to be observant and dive into your inner being, those soul-searching depths requires first a commitment to yourself. It is my understanding that while mounting external events and physical symptoms signal change and are quite easy to identify, it can be difficult to accurately trace their origins. This parallels to a degree each one of us in many ways.

Is this Really Happening to Me?

So when is a bodily symptom created simply by psychosomatics or an evolutionary change at the molecular level of our DNA? Well, actually they very well could be co-joined. Science has concluded thoughts are wave forms of energy and can easily effect or alter DNA, creating a cascading series of events within our bodies. The energy flows in multiple directions and like all forms of energy, can manifest in various ways not only bodily but also externally in our surroundings. Yes, all things are interconnected being of the same elementary source; there is only separation in the mind. The following few examples are a sampling of what many have been experiencing and quite possibly are related to this great Shift of the Age.

I must add, please don’t ignore the more dramatic symptoms and merely attribute them to wayward patterns of thought. If compelled to seek professional input, by all means do so as a peace of mind or second opinion because in many ways that can be part of the transformation and or healing process. Some of you may recognize these telltale signs listed below as I mentioned many of them briefly in the article- (2012 Precession of The Equinox). I have elaborated in more detail here breaking down the most common shift symptoms into three distinct categories- physical, mental and emotional/spiritual.

Signs of Physical Clearing

  • Tiredness/sleep pattern changes. Insomnia. This is a common thread among those accelerating in their ascension progress. The quantity of and timing of sleep periods may not resemble the stated norm. Don’t assume that 8 hours is all you may need. Some have more physical energy with less than 8 hours if their energy balance flows more efficiently, where others could find 9-12 hours very effective in achieving the same state of well-being. Either way, your body will intuitively tell you so. Much in the same way a young child sleeps longer to restructure their growing body, many could find additional time allocated to rest very beneficial. Regardless of the time allocated to restful sleep, your body is now experiencing a transmutation of form. One final and important point on sleep. This is a time in which the conscious mind is still and the unconscious takes unrestricted action in dream-scape and out-of-body transits into other realms. This as well can be extremely insightful and beneficial in your progress allowing cleansing and releasing of old energy patterns.
  • Memory effected and some loss and level of disconnect to the past. Difficulty accessing words or expressing thoughts cohesively. This can be displayed as short term memory lapse or foggy vagueness to remembrances of your past. Feels as if you are walking between two worlds, the old and the “in the now” new.
  • Desire for more quiet, high-quality moments, introspection or just a time of doing no-thing, taking no-thought. Activities which are simple pleasures, less complicated like tending a garden or reading provide new levels of satisfaction.
  • Heightened sensitivities in your sensing abilities such as vision, where colors appear more vivid, brighter. Unexplained temporary body aches all over your body or only in isolated areas without cause.  While transiting different vibrations as a part of going through a shift in consciousness, you will manifest symptoms of pain and trauma. Appetite and food intake changes. Quantity and times of hunger are now altered, even the types of food that once appealed to you no longer do. Blood sugar levels varying and a rise in protein and fat consumption as energy requirements fluctuate. You may or may not loose weight during these changes and age bears no real factor in this.

Signs of Mental Clearing

  • Friends or acquaintance’s you’ve known a long time appear more different to you. Conversations and activities no longer have that appeal or feel very meaningful. They carrying less of a draw yet are ones that used to have appeal to you. They look the same, however seem so different. What’s different? You, not them. Your focus and attention while new, no longer can support interest in previously dominant aspects of your old self.
  • Lower level of tolerance for third dimensional structures and your interaction with them can accentuate uneasy thoughts and feelings. Too much interaction can lead to “sick” feelings while in these thought modes. These situations appear in various areas such as people’s attitudes, responses, conversations, basic societal structures and expectations. Prolonged exposure brings higher feelings of uneasiness only to subside quickly upon removing yourself from the sensory input. In reality these energy levels are so far miss-matched from yours, that alignment is nearly impossible as you cannot keep for very long a lower frequency of thought vibration where coherence is achieved. In cases such as these you are being gently pushed forward; help those where and when you can, and then move on.
  • Work and career life while you may be successful, the old fire and passion is lacking. The excitement has gone, much resembles routine, the status quo no longer satisfies. You are acutely aware of this change and sense another opportunity is closing in. Almost touch that something different is coming towards you. A slight sense of the unknown attempts to add apprehension but you feel compelled to pursue that goal or dream of a new liberating, challenge to help you grow.
  • Time awareness is altered. Coincidences and synchronicities are on the rise, or you are just more aware of their constant existence. Déjà vu episodes appear common place as if the very fabric of time has been split. Time feels like it is racing forward weeks and months now feel like days. Days moving so quickly it can be difficult remembering hourly sequences of events. Daytime carries with it fragments of lucid or vivid dreams appearing in “real life”.

Signs of Emotional/Spiritual Clearing

  • Periods of weeping, depression-like moments and anxiety are all signs of stripping away that which no longer serves our highest purpose. Our egos soon have less to attach onto for identity purposes thus generating the feelings of remorse or loss. Instability within our very selves is brought to task and question our purpose going forward. With each thought and step brings us up higher- feeling lighter as we discard unworthy weights, no longer carrying emotional baggage of the past.
  • Emotional blocks are repeatedly brought to the forefront of our being to be cleared. The most powerful of all for condensing our emotional clearing are relationships. Those of all kinds are re-evaluated and re-assessed. Any with emotional “hooks” or dependencies once needed for personal, spiritual evolution are soon ended. New relationships emerge encompassing the best of all aspects- companionship, mutual love, admiration and respect for each other for who they truly are.
  • An increased attention to the smaller things; an attitude and disposition of gratitude and appreciation for others and important parts of your life. Less attraction to acquire material objects just for the sake of personal identity associated with possession. Accepting people as they are; not attempting to manipulate others trying to get what you want, or insistent upon having things a certain way.
  • Finding more often you are able to make good decisions from your intuition, or rather what simply “feels” right without any rational explanation needed.
  • A deep sense of wanting to go “home”, as if all the work has been done or a feeling that everything is complete and you don’t feel like you belong here anymore. You could say everything is over, but many of us are staying to experience and create the new world that is emerging. So, on one important level our necessary work may be complete, yet another creation begins anew.

A Return to Balance

After reading the sampling shift symptoms above, a casual observer may come to the conclusion that portions of the list read like someone who is mentally imbalanced for any number of reasons. While some symptoms appear identical to individuals who suffer from say mental depression, I can assure you that cannot be the most probable cause. There are untold thousands claiming to experience many if not all these various symptoms. These are sane individuals with no delusional tendencies. Without a frame of reference as to what may be happening to us, one could simply say- “I’m loosing it.” And that statement is partially true in the purest sense. We are discarding aspects, fragments of the lower self and allowing (in many cases) our higher dimensional selves to come forward beyond the fear-based realms of lack.

The shift in consciousness beyond the 3rd dimension to those which are higher entails each of us dealing with our physical, mental and emotional/spiritual cleansing work that often takes the form of sheer instability and “drama trauma”. Within the providence of divine creation, it is only in experiencing these lower realms where we can advance and once again return to the Source and Center of all creation.

The fragments of our complete being are now once again returning to coalesce in completeness- a return to balance. So above, so below it shall be. It is obvious to so many that we are well along our way in the human race era to emerge and reunite with our galactic heritage, no longer to be segregated as a spiritually quarantined experiment. In a divine act of grace and an apparent form of masterful choreography, we are pushed and pulled through this ascension process at a rate in which each soul prescribes.

While that may not bring solace to allot of us during the emotional strain which ensues during certain stages of this process, nonetheless it should bring many a profound sense of hope through a better understanding of what is happening to them on a grand level. Fortunately, we see again balance in action. Negative effects are complimented by the ensuing personal empowerment found in the ever increasing enfoldment of a powerful co-creator combining unconditional love with wisdom.

As more awaken into this process and begin to raise questions and also to answer the previous question as to what can we do, I offer the following thought- For the most difficult transitions and their accompanying symptoms, be as much at peace with the changes as possible, carry with you the understanding that soon this too shall pass. For the more unusual aspects of ascension stages know that where you ultimately are headed is a place where thoughts carry tremendous creative power as their essence manifests in your environment very quickly. So, initially try voiding having to “monitor” or “police” every thought as really it will become unnecessary because the expanded awareness you have attained will provide balance between both aspects and hemispheres of your brain.

As each of us closes in closer to the 5th Dimension and traverses the in-between world of the 4th Dimension and its temporary phase with unusual effects taking place within us and externally around us in the environment, know you are witnessing and experiencing a birth into a Shift of the Age with all the promise of Heaven on Earth.

As always- your comments are welcomed and encouraged. If you like what you see and read here at Shift of The Age, be apart of the awareness- share! Be sure to forward, subscribe via RSS feed or email direct to your inbox. Thanks!
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  1. Line Briand permalink
    March 24, 2010 3:50 AM

    I forgot to ask- what about the children? If I read you well, people driven by fear will not be able to be in synch with the 5th dimension and make the transition. We are talking about adults who can make choices in their lives and open up to their spirituality or not. But children are on a learning path as human beings and I would think it a bit unfair if they couldn’t make it to this magical world. Their world is a mix between ‘reality’ and their ‘innerworld’, I know, but what about choice for them?

    • March 24, 2010 1:31 PM

      SOTA comment: What a great question! Actually with children up to the age of “accountability” usually around the age of 11, exist consciously in the higher frequencies above 3D more than older children or adults. Typically they have not attained the capacity to judge solely based on historical external influences or associations. The reason children naturally hold a higher vibration is two fold- 1. their hearts (emotions) are far more predominate drivers of their actions. 2. the percentage at which they are more loving/giving/appreciative towards others and their environment, is far greater than their self serving actions and motives. And yes, just like those of greater age who now are able for a portion of their existence live within what some call 4th dimension (chaos) and 5th dimension (non-duality) or even higher up the frequencies, do so with a delicate balance by existing on multiple levels simultaneously.

  2. Line Briand permalink
    March 23, 2010 5:46 PM

    I apologize for the mistakes I am about to make as I speak French and what follows is not easy to explain. I have had a recurring dream, a vivid dream. I am in the cosmos and a voice is explaining how the good and bad are necessary for life. It feels it is God who is speaking to me, a little from behind – the voice fills my head. He shows me why good and bad are both important. He finishes by showing me how the infinitely small and the immensely big can both fit on the same point (like on the tip of a needle) at the same time. This dream leaves me, when I awake from it, terribly shaken and awestruck. The feeling stays with me for weeks and even if it has been years since I last had that dream, I can still hear (not really a voice, more like a knowing even though I am hearing – I told you it was hard to explain!) and feel and almost feel I am there.

    He also came back in another dream to turn an old ring made of cheap metal to gold while explaining to me all that he could do for me – pure white light was make it stand in the air, sort of. On the ring is written in arabic : God is the Lord of the Earth and of the Heavens (I found the translation later on – I owned the ring for real until I lost it) This is only part of that dream ; the rest I really want to write about someday insh’allah 😉

    I can say I have been ”aware” of my spiritual side since I was a young girl. Now almost 54, I still look at this part of me as the most vibrant, it is my safest side, the one I trust. And I am not afraid of dying anymore. That fear left me when I came back from a coma (from a botched C section) and put me on a path of search for the truth. I am definitely more peaceful but my friends would tell you I have become more ”sauvage” – a bit like someone who lives by himself in the forest and talks to the clouds lolll. I am very ok with what I am becoming.
    Line, Montreal, Quebec

    • March 23, 2010 8:13 PM

      Line, thanks for sharing your dream experiences with SOTA. I agree with the message since it totally aligns with how our local universe operates. It is reasonable to expect a duality of opposites to exist within such a creation, the true power comes from an understanding they are one and the same while appearing separate. As for the alchemy of metal transformation, much like good/bad existing simultaneously within the same sphere so are all possibilities available within all of creation. Nothing is separate or disconnected, ever.

    December 28, 2009 10:40 AM

    hi your words are helpful and true! i had an awakening in 92, and still seem to have a fear problem. i do suffer with some degree of anxiety so maybe it is this. i wondered if you could advise me on releasing fear. thanku.

    • December 28, 2009 4:16 PM

      Michaela, Glad to know this article was helpful. As for the fear problem you mention, fear generally speaking, is an indication of the lack of understanding or missing answers to important personal life issues that are usually off into a future date. Normally fears are associated with unfounded expectations or misconceived beliefs and if left unchallenged, grow in the mind; one must question their validity to be free of their false power. Easy to say, but without a basis knowing what thoughts bring anxiety leading to some level of fear, I cannot suggest a quick solution. If you care to share more insight as to the type of fear you experience, email-


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