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Mayan Underworlds and 2012

January 8, 2010

The Mayan Underworlds and 2012

For the first article of the New Year and just as the 21st century has turned the corner into another decade unfolding before us, I wanted to continue the recent articles discussing the cyclic nature of time. In the western world with our Gregorian calendar, we often conceive time only in a linear fashion; and in doing so, we sacrifice a greater awareness of life itself. In a follow up to the premise about definitive cycles of time proposed in Timewave Zero and the 2012 Convergence and Mayan 2012 Countdown Clock.

I believe an investigation into just what the Mayan viewed as time cycles is of paramount importance. Not just any time as expressed in their numerous calendar systems, but especially those which tracked the movement of heavenly bodies. In taking a closer look, we will examine the real hidden meaning of 2012 and events which lead up to this infamous date in time.

Having researched the Maya’s understanding and beliefs about time concerning the creation of our cosmos, I returned to the fascinating concept they held about the structure of the universe and how specific time cycles influenced the conscious evolution of mankind. According to what I refer to as their Cosmic Creation Clock, it directs us to a time very soon where all points converge into completeness. This is a point where seemingly repetitive time cycles cease to exist. Here we will examine the possibility that December 21, 2012 may in fact not be the actual turning point to a new paradigm on Earth. Having said consistently in so many ways, if one believes and waits upon that particular day expecting a transformation of everything just like flipping on a switch, they could miss important road markers along the way. This is a very exciting time to be here on Earth!

The Nine Underworlds

The term “underworld” quickly brings to mind elements of darkness or places one would wish not to tread. Upon the Spaniards arrival along with the accompanying Christian missionaries on the Yucatan Peninsula, they were perplexed to learn and witness this Mayan belief of underworlds in practice. In the Spaniards minds this term was misinterpreted while assuming it was a reference to hell, they were surprised seeing the Mayan King-priests performing sacred rituals on top of pyramids. It was towards the cosmos they gazed and tuned their attention, not necessarily the Earth below. However, in the Mayan cosmological construct a reference to the underworlds was not about someplace below as we shall soon see.

The Mayans never considered these underworlds as hells; the pyramids are thought of as mountains to the cosmos with everything happening and evolving in-between the heavens above, the source of creation and the “underworld” right where we exist on Earth. So, why the number nine? The first clue coming to mind about the number nine is the frequency at which it occurs throughout many cultures and faiths. Nine is often associated with very holy and highly spiritual connotations. Take for instance the following examples regarding the number nine. Each are totally separated by time and distance to the Maya, yet carry the significance associated with this powerful number:

  • Nine is considered a feminine number by many because of the nine months a child is in the womb before birth.
  • The Muslims the Holy month of Ramadan is the Ninth month of the year.
  • Nine arms of the Hanukkah candelabra.
  • In Catholicism, novenas are nine days of prayer.
  • There were nine doors to the holiest part of the temple in Jerusalem.
  • In Judaism, The Nine Days are the first nine days in the month of Av, a time of intense mourning commemorating the destruction of the first and second temples in Jerusalem.
  • Nine-storied pagodas are commonly seen throughout the world.
  • Norse Mythology is filled with the symbology of nine. Perhaps most notably, when Odin sacrificed himself to himself, he hung upside down upon Yggdrasil, the World Tree that holds together earth, heaven and hell by its roots and branches, for nine days and nine nights and in return received the gift of the runes. 
  • Yggdrasil supports nine worlds. Note: The Maya held belief is that our galactic center is also the tree of life.
  • In Viking mythology the Cosmos was described as being composed by Nine worlds.
  • The Bahá’í faith consider nine a “number of perfection” and sacred.
  • And of course, Mayan mythology – Nine “gods” of the Nine Underworlds

Nine Dimensions in Stone

According to ancient Mayan belief, the Cosmos consists of Nine Underworlds or levels of development and end on a specific date. So important to their cosmological constructs that this powerful number was expressed in their most significant monument construction- pyramids. The nine tiers or platforms are seen in the photo of the Plumed Serpent Pyramid in Chichen-Itza, the Pyramid of the Jaguar in Tikal, and temple inscriptions in Palenque that refer to this special 2012 date being associated with the end of the Mayan Long-Count Calendar. All these pyramids were built with nine different levels signifying some great importance.

Each of the nine stories or levels represented a different Underworld expressed horizontally in the pyramids construction. Just as the levels of the pyramids are seen becoming progressively smaller as they tier towards the top, so to the amount of time in each Underworld becomes shorter in duration as they are hierarchical in nature. To better understand the Maya time-math in each of the Underworlds, the following describes their calculations used. Interestingly enough it appears the beginning level and its associated time period has some scientific basis in the calculated age of the universe.

An easy way to conceptualize these nine different time cycles is to understand the Maya used a 360 day (a kin) count for their year, called the tun. The Maya had progressively longer blocks of time based on the kin each with its own name. Not to complicate or confuse, the number thirteen comes into play at each level of the Nine Underworlds to determine their length of time. This will be explained fully in the next section about the Thirteen Heavens. But for now, I mention this number since it plays a significant role throughout Maya calendar mathematics and how they calculated very large blocks of time. The longest tun-based time cycle was called the hablatun and each one totaled 460,800.000.000 days equaling 1.26 billion years. Thirteen hablatuns made up the first Underworld (the initial creation cycle) with a total duration of 13 x 1.26 MM days or, 16.4 billion years. This time period of 16.4 billion years is very close to current scientific estimates for the formation of matter from light at the birth of creation, the “Big Bang”.

So, beginning with the foundation level or the First Underworld, the Maya specified this time period comprised a duration consisting of 16.4 Billion years. Subsequent Underworlds become shorter in duration increasing the frequency of change, yet each level of consciousness attained is raised dramatically within shorter periods of time. This really falls into the theory of time or creation speeding up- alluding to a Zero Point as I discussed here- Timewave Zero and the 2012 Convergence. Fast forward- in the final, Ninth Underworld the total time allotted to this last step in the creation-consciousness evolution cycle consists of only 260 days! This last Ninth level promises to catapult all into an unprecedented cosmic awakening in time.

The Creation Cycle vs. the Long Count Calendar

One of the best authors on Mayan Creation Cycle time keeping is Swedish born Carl Johan Calleman, a toxicologist by profession who specialized in cancer research. Now an accomplished historian in Mayan calendrics. In his books, he has done some painstaking work in examining the Mayan calendar time periods and deciphering associated dates that correspond to actual earthly epochs of time. A majority that has researched the Mayan Long Count Calendar have concluded the last Great Cycle began on August 11, 3,114 BC and continues 5,125 years ending on December 21, 2012. This is known as the GMT correlation.

Evidentially the Mayans set the beginning date of the Long Count Calendar to correspond with the solar zenith in Izapa in southern Mexico the supposed birth place of the infamous calendar. So, the end date agreed to by the archeologists, December 21, 2012, would then have to depend on the fact that the people living in Izapa at the time thought of August 11, the date the sun was in zenith in their own particular temple city, as a holy day. And this is where the discrepancies in the start date begin. If you start with that August 11th date and count forward the 5,125 years, you of course arrive at December 21, 2012. It is important to note regardless of the start date, the end date must land on a particular day in the Mayan calendar called 13 Ahau. The December 21, 2012 day is not one of that energy, it is 4 Ahau day. The closest 13 Ahau day for that correct energy is October 28, 2011.

The Mayan elder Don Alejandro who is the president of the National Mayan Council of Elders of Guatemala, affirms a prophesy- the return of 13 Ahau that seems to have survived through the ages. Also found in a passage in the 200 year old Prophetic Mayan Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel, that describes the energy of 13 Ahau as follows: “Holy completion of time, truly.” This discrepancy or possible correction was noted by the priests in Palenque several hundred years later who meticulously followed the true Tzolzin count (their 260 day calendar) and noticed something wrong with the correlation in the Izapan Long Count and the Tzolkin. Those priests where not tuned into the beginning date of August 11, 3114 BC based on the solstice date established in Izapan.

This important twist emphasizes the significance the Mayans placed on days and how each day represented specific energies. If you are tuned to the correct day, your ability to not only feel but actually see the differing energies at play in the world, even personal expectancies are heightened. Beyond starting any controversy the priests in Palenque may have avoided forcing the change and could only hint at the error because in dong so, would have wreaked havoc in the legitimacy of the ruling dynasty at the time. A good modern example would be attempting to have Christmas day changed even though many understand Jesus of Nazareth was not born on December 25, but sometime in the month of September.

In the end, Calleman agrees on this account noting that the Long Count Calendar dates closely reflect (within a year) the divine process of creation. The importance of the Mayan Long Count calendar is that it represents a model for the evolution of consciousness. And knowing that it very well may end 420 days sooner than traditionally accepted, gives someone more reason to remain very awake.

Fortunately Calleman has corroborated these facts with others who agree and has laid out dates for the beginning and ending periods of each of the Nine Underworlds. And what he found and puts forth, is contrary to the main-stream notion that the Mayan “flash point” is not necessarily on the winter solstice of December 21, 2012 at 11:11 GMT, but rather, falls on October 28, 2011 officially the end of the creation cycle. The December 2012 date a year later lines up a beginning date, a celebratory period when all is open able be remade anew for the good of all.

According to calculations, he puts forward the following chart which lays out the Nine Underworlds with beginning and ending time for each, including some characteristics and resulting states of mankind’s consciousness. From left to right: First are the exact time durations for the respective Underworlds to dominate. The second column is the start dates for the Underworlds. In the middle column “Initiation”, is the phenomena that driving-focus of evolution during these Underworlds. Next, to the right are the various types, or dimension, of consciousness that will develop. And the last column represents when all will end simultaneously, a “Zero-Point.”

While the evolution of the Four lowest levels of consciousness are all expressed as biological evolution the Five highest levels of consciousness carry the evolution of the cultural, technological and spiritual development of humankind. As would be anticipated, mankind is now at a point of meta-consciousness, an ability in which provides for a higher awareness and perspective beyond the self or ego. Essentially this is what some refer to as “Christ Consciousness”, or, a fully attuned human.

Exact length according to ancient Maya

Beginning date Initiation Resulting state of Consciousness End date
13 x 20 kin =
260 days
2/11/2011 Transformation Cosmic 10/28
13 x 360 kin =
4,680 days
1/5/1999 IT revolution Galactic 10/28
13 x 7,200 kin =
93,600 days
1755 Industrialism Planetary 10/28
13 x 144,000 kin =
1,872.000 days
Writing National 10/28
13 x 2,880.000 kin =
37,440.000 days
Spoken Language Cultural 10/28
13 x 57,600.000 kin =
748,800.000 days
Human Beings Tribal 10/28
13 x 1,152.000.000 kin =
14,976.000.000 days
Monkeys Family 10/28
13 x 23,040.000.000 kin =
299,520.000.000 days
Complex life Individual 10/28
13 x 460,800.000.000 kin =
5,990.400.000.000 days
16,4 Billions
Matter Cellular 10/28

(chart courtesy of:

Here is a more visual representation of the above chart exemplified using the pyramid structure. Note that each Underworld has an associated dimension of consciousness from cellular to cosmic/universal going from bottom to top, and each one is exponentially expedited faster in linear time.

Thirteen Heavens- from Day to Night

In each of the Nine Underworlds there exists Thirteen Heavens or more simply, thirteen specific durations of days and nights within each of the corresponding Underworlds. The number thirteen is a direct reference to seven days or Seven Lords of Creation and six nights of divine action which constitute the Thirteen Heavens. Again, the number seven is associated in many stories and traditions for the time allotted for creation, or matter out of light. Each day and night (like each of the Nine Underworlds) has a defined period of time and unique attributes with very specific evolutionary themes of consciousness. Where a day theme represents time of expansion or higher awareness flowing into night when this new found awareness is expressed in reality.

Just like the pyramid configuration, the length of each Heaven or day/night duration cycles up and down horizontally; each cycle becoming shorter in length as you approach the Ninth Underworld. For example, the final Ninth Underworld will last 260 days- each of the 13 Heavens, “days/nights” lasting only 20 days. The Eighth Underworld which we are currently in, lasts 4,680 days- each of the 13 Heavens consist of 360 days. This Eighth Underworld represents a time-span of approximately 12.82 years ending on February 11, 2011 when the final Ninth Underworld begins. As mentioned earlier, creation and time as we experience it, is rapidly collapsing into itself.

It now becomes clearer why the Mayans conveyed the expression that in the end of creation time will cease to exist as we know it. At least time in the context as we now live through the Gregorian calendar which is contrary to the cosmic time cycles the Maya lived by. Apparently their cosmological reckoning of time attunes both hemispheres of the human brain to our eternal, spiritual origins. Clearly they were knowledgeable of something profound which in essence conveys that beyond the final point of creation, we will no longer be constrained in our co-creation abilities through the process which affected us over the past epochs of time. Also, the Maya ascribed thirteen deities or “gods” to each Heaven with different attributes. Each one of these gods carried the creative progression theme to a next higher level of consciousness.


Where Are We Now?

So you must be wondering with all the dates flying around just where are we on the cosmic calendar? Great question and this would be a nice place to put all this into perspective. We have entered- The Sixth Night of the Eighth Underworld. While date tracking can be problematic when trying to forward look, if the above calculations are even near correct which they appear to be based on evidence rather than on sheer belief, what lies ahead may be discernable. At least our expectations of what may transpire on the world stage could be quantified due to knowing the cycle of just where we are- either in a day or night cycle identified on a progressive scale from 1-7 and what each of those represent. How they actually unfold is yet to be revealed because of the dynamic nature of free-will with its ability to effect prophesy itself. Either way, there is enough recent evidence from around the world that much can be anticipated to transpire soon. According to the Mayan calendar of the Underworlds, we have just recently entered the Sixth Night of the Eighth Underworld. And this Underworld’s theme is- Galactic in scope.

The date for beginning the Sixth Night was November 8, 2009 and runs 360 days culminating on November 2, 2010. In the Eighth Underworld, each day and night cycle consists of 360 days and remember in the final, 9th Underworld each day and each night will only last 20 days! Talk about speeding up; that is an understatement. This time period will undoubtedly bring us socio-economic and interrelationships challenges and in most cases, abrupt change. We are not simply going through an amplified repeat of similar historical events- we are witnessing the final stages of monumental change. My emphasis here is not specifically referring to environmental or earth calamities and upheavals.

Although some would have us to focus allot of energy towards those mental exercises which in my opinion is not where solutions for a new beginning are to be found. Think of those as side-bar distractions. Important yes, all important, certainly not. We are in the final stretch with nine cosmic evolutionary forces converging to completeness at a single point in time giving birth to a new world and the end of all shifts.

In the graph below we see the galactic wave movements from November 2005 until the culmination of all nine cosmic creation cycles on October 28, 2011. These are a partial representation of the Thirteen Heavens which remain of the 8th and 9th Underworlds. One point to know- just like a wave, there is an overlap of the energies that occurs within each of the cycles and should to be considered.

Nothing in this entire process is definitively abrupt when moving between the day/night cycles. Due to this overlapping, and the absolute speed-up of time in the last Wave Movement, expect the upcoming period to be unusually intense, somewhat unstable at times but also energetically quite complex in nature. Again, this is more the reason to be aware of these cycles as they close in so you can be fully aware and more easily move through them possessing a non-judgmental, neutral, non fear-based perspective and spirit.

Convergence and the Clock of the Cosmos

This new world will be born out of our ability to discern the correct path for our future without the previous dominant, separation prone mindset. Although like any birthing process, it will be accompanied with associated pains. Some, like our global economic system will not recover and return to anything resembling its former glory. This statement I have full conviction and confidence will be the case; so be cautious in clinging onto wishful thinking or unsubstantiated hopes without substantial evidence to the contrary. Look closer and ask more questions; the truth will reveal itself. The facts behind the screen away from public view are much to dire in scope in that the money masters will not be able to revive the current system.

I could elaborate and provide facts to support such a statement, but this is not such an article. Those of that nature will be done separately. As a consequence of such radical monetary changes, much of the driving forces in geo-politics being economic in nature, will also follow likewise with massive revisions. Historically, economics and monetary policies of developed nations have been lopsided to a large degree favoring in the long run, only those nations with the greatest economic power. Once this power shift becomes nearly complete, expect to see unbelievably profound changes throughout the world.

An economic shift is blatantly underway and has been since late 2007 to re-balance this unchecked power. So, expect this theme to be a predominate one going forward. This re-balancing may very well come out of a virtual collapse of the US Dollar’s value and pre-imminent position as the benchmark, global reserve currency. Also, it appears we are quickly moving away from the abstract values to real, tangible economic values to foster a cultural renaissance in egalitarianism. Turmoil including various levels of warfare over perceived or limited resources and global control structures will clearly be on the forefront in the evening news. However, all is not lost if one views this in its entirety. We are now witnessing for the first time in the history of Earth, the most significant, intense wave movement in consciousness.

During these days ahead into this next Shift of the Age, I believe this new decade without a doubt will prove to be the time known as the transformation decade. Overall, these remaining years will combine the best and worst of every possibility; each one of us will be able to choose the dominate state of consciousness we desire as we transit these days. Our preeminent focus should not be on a single 12/21/2012 date, but seriously evaluate and consider the value of the Mayans understanding of a pre-determined time allotted for consciousness evolution.

Inasmuch as we are individually able perceive these shifts in consciousness, remember we are all going through this together regardless of someone’s belief. As the frequency moves faster and higher after mid July 2010 leading up to a Universal Wave Movement around March of 2011, find comfort in knowing these times of chaos have a divine purpose and will soon thereafter stabilize. Once passing through what may well be the final transition point on October 28, 2011, we should find ourselves and our world at the very beginning of a millennium of peace ready for a re-birth celebration on December 21, 2012.

I often wonder if so much we hold as reality can be overturned and overhauled in such a short period of time, and can only conclude it all depends on how tightly we demand our world to be transformed for the better. While it is true previous reformations were localized and based in part only on written word to facilitate the spark, this great awakening happening now is of galactic proportions sourced from the cosmic convergence of consciousness within each of us. A greater trans-formative power beyond the mind is facilitating and orchestrating this shift and the Mayans somehow understood this lost knowledge.

With all our spirits divinely inspired to build a world removing all non-life affirming vestiges, we will soon find our Earth as one expressing unconditional love. This above all, is beyond a worthy cause and reason why you’re here now. Be a part of this wondrous adventure- share in the knowledge as we quickly flow out of the Mayan Underworlds into a future where your divine power is needed to create a constant, joyful, experience on a New Earth.

As always- your comments are welcomed and encouraged. If you like what you see and read here at Shift of The Age, be apart of the awareness- share! Be sure to forward, subscribe via RSS feed or email direct to your inbox. Thanks!

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