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Banks Made of Balsa Wood Held Together by Baby Tears

January 14, 2010

Banks Made of Balsa Wood Held Together by Baby Tears

While I would just as easily let 2009 and all its amusement park like antics fade to black, but hold on, the fun continues! Let’s not be all dismal and dismayed as there is laughter to be reckoned with. Thank god for that- we all could use more endorphins to liven up a bleak outlook. Take for example this clip, a wonderfully funny monologue from Jon Stuart over at the Daily Show.  I love a good laugh and need to share some with everyone. Jon really hammers the issue of rage in the general populace on the bonus pay-outs issued this past year. It also  hits home in a humorous way, the fragility of our global financial system where its very foundation and fiat money system is based on perception for the most part. That’s scary really. Wonder no more and fear no more Wall Street’s devious tactics they have so ingenious employed to dupe the masses. Are you awake now???

Don’t get me wrong, we all played our part to some degree in the monetary mayhem of the past five years, yet, did you get a bail-out check?  No, sorry about that, join the serfs. Nor did I or was offered 0% – .250% interest rates on money I could borrow then easily lend out at higher rates or, better yet- invest in equities and the like to turn obscene profits. Surprised the To-Big-To-Fail’s (TBTF) have largely paid back the US Treasury of their TARP funds? Surprised at Wall Street’s run up since March 2009? Now you know how they did it. Yea, yea, it’s a special club with special privileges.  Well I digress…onto the smiles and laughter- Cluster f—k to the Poor House clip from January 12, 2010.

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