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Comedy Central & Stephen Colbert- Honor Bound

January 17, 2010

Bring The Comic Relief On-

More comedic relief is here! Bringing more smiles to your face in spite of dire economic predictions and prognosis from the truly informed, Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert dishes out a funny perspective. It’s all about being “Honor Bound” to your mortgage debt according to his comic bent. Yea right, love the comedic sarcasm! When your home’s value is 25% or more underwater, and your next door neighbor is Sponge Bob, what are you going to do? Smile of course because what other real, feel good option do you have? Let’s not forget, in the grand scheme of things what matters most is how we feel. Remember that wonderful feeling when you fell in love? Well, almost at that height of joy. Similar, feel-great thoughts are only seconds away.  Yes, sometimes we need to dig a little deeper into the memory but we must travel nonetheless for sanity’s sake. And that is part of the journey.

Guys and gals like Mr. Colbert remind us of the power of the human spirit and ultimately our capacity to expedite new directions for a greater world. I too must remind myself about the infinite power of laughter and good feeling thoughts have on my psyche. Make sure you have a storehouse of uplifting thoughts at your disposal and dose yourself often these days. Magical medicine of the soul I say. We all are now coming face-to-face and rising up to the new challenges in our nation and we will triumph once more. That is the good news, and the momentum wave of this profound movement is gaining traction daily. Enjoy the video’s comic relief and…Smile!

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