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Toyota – Scion iQ Going Green and Mini

January 17, 2010

I must admit I have long been a fan of Toyota product. Although their design aesthetics can sometimes lean more to the conservative side, occasionally and more recently they have begun to offer more out-of-the box styling. Take for example the new Scion iQ entry into the ever expanding marketplace of high fuel efficiency, and hybrid power plant class of cars. Competition is growing in that particular segment for many good, green reasons including the new economic age we are now participating in. Heck, I would step up to the plate and purchase one as a back-up ride when 2+ human transport or hauling space is not needed. Of course personally, I like the jacked up looking concept version shown below. Can’t give up being controversial or a bit over-the-top even with the choice of your ride now can ya?

Well, they say good things come in small packages and this little one should not be a let down. You certainly don’t have to be concerned about quality and longevity as Toyota’s engineering is legendary and is regarded in an almost cult-like status among Toyota diehards. The iQ was originally released late last year in Europe and the domestic Japanese home market under the Toyota brand; in the US it will come with the Scion badge. Sales in the US are expected to begin in late 2010. A few variations will be offered including a rumored roadster version. That will be interesting.

At a length of just 117.5-inches, the iQ is only slightly larger than a SMART fortwo. Unlike the SMART, however, the iQ can fit three adults and a little one according to what Scion says. Taking a look at the car, however, it appears as though seating for two is about all there’s room for plus your shopping or some luggage. While several engine options are available in Europe, the iQ will most likely get the largest (1.3-liter four-cylinder) when it debuts in the U.S. That engine makes 99hp and gets 66 mpg. Not bad at all. The iQ is also slated to be the base of an electric vehicle due out in 2012, and recently Aston Martin announced it was working on a concept, the Cygnet, that is based on the iQ. Most of the images below are the concept version which I like for its styling boldness, however, the production version will be tamer in appearance. (images courtesy of The production version is the final car in white. Automobile downsizing really can have some practical application and still exhibit some look-at-me personality.

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