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Quantum Communication via DNA Encoding

May 10, 2010

The Modality of a Light Indwelled Human

A New Heaven & New Earth

As we progressively accelerate our re-awakening into fully conscious humans, a number of activities within our physical makeup are being re-worked so to speak. Not only on the physical level, but equally non-physical levels of changes are continually manifesting. Both are associated with one another. There is much speculation as to the various sources of these changes from cosmic, external energy to a natural or a normal evolutionary process within our bodies. Regardless of what may be a driving factor in these changes, they are occurring. And they are occurring at a level unseen in recent history as at appears we are nearing a tipping point, a significant leap in human consciousness.

This carries a profound promise to civilization as a whole. Not only will we able to comprehend our interconnectedness to each other, but all of creation will become available to us. Having explored in the post- Mayan Underworlds and 2012, how human consciousness has evolved in a step-like process over vast amounts of linear time, we are now standing at the threshold of a great, grand scale transformation.

This New Earth will be one where our full spirit-filled abilities will dominate and compliment those of our physical nature to co-create a world that for now seems only a wonderful fantasy and one strictly existing in a domain of the mind. Yes, there is still work to be done and our challenges both personally and collectively will not magically vaporize upon passing the threshold. Our journey of humanities liberation is to be one filled with joy and  not self inflicted misery.

What will facilitate and even expedite the global transformation will come from those who have prepared daily through embracing their own transformation process. These individuals will be emboldened to participate in seemingly magical ways when compared to the ability of others due to their more complete nature. For others who resist or fear these transformational powers, they will remain handicapped either through a miss-understanding of what is occurring to them and their “personal” environment or by a reluctance to accept drastic changes.

Much like those of today, who have not begun to fully integrate the mind-spirit-body connections, they wait upon the arrival of others expecting them to do the heavy lifting and directing. Nothing could be further from the truth; fortunately, this handicapped nature can be of a temporary nature and able to overcome- if the desire exists.

DNA the Language of Light & Quantum Communication

As scientifically based understanding of our DNA’s nature comes into alignment with emerging evidence of consciousness, we will quickly find they are not mutually exclusive. While we have recently explored the entire genome sequence, scientists are expanding through specialized research that shows our DNA not only holds instructions for cellular operations and blueprints for the creation of our physical bodies, but it includes communication capabilities and connections to consciousness.

One of the most profound emerging discoveries in DNA research will be in the area of communication regarding the eternal aspects of our selves and how this communication medium is achieved through light activation capacities encoded within DNA. By light I’m referring to the higher aspects or eternal spirit nature of our true selves or soul which in essence exists in the realm of light or non-physical dimensions of space-time.

Just in the same way as DNA and RNA (Ribonucleic acid) communicate together and facilitate specific instructions and actions within our bodies unique to each other, our consciousness (higher-selves/Holy Spirit) interacts with our DNA while the RNA carries out physical responses to communication from our higher-self. If this form of divine communication is to function properly as originally designed within our physical makeup, it requires the full use of both negative and positive polarities contained within our consciousness and those elements are represented in the physical by our DNA and RNA.

The communication process which occurs, in an elementary way, is hidden in plain sight to the unaware. On the universal, cosmic level this communication originates at the quantum level of existence unbounded by the physical limitations imposed by our current makeup within our DNA.

Since each cell is a communication center interlinked to all other bodily cells, it stands to reason that if our higher-selves want to facilitate an upward progression of the awakening or ascension process within an individual, only a request needs to be initiated which could manifest an event in the physical environment to move along the individual into a desired action. That action can either be an internal one of the mind and perception or actually attracting and engineering an event which transpires in the physical world or a combination of both.

Consider that earth as a living organism, is effected in similar ways as humans are and more often, is now equally affected on a large scale by these transformative powers. The interconnectedness of all matter helps to explain how eventually order comes out of apparent chaos.

“Behind the existence of all matter is a conscious and intelligent mind – this mind is the matrix of all matter”

– Max Planck, “father” of quantum theory

Ascension of New Human Genetics

The natural polarities of human nature in action are readily observable through witnessing the historical path that mankind has traversed over the last 5,000 years. Yet now we see an acceleration of all that has transpired in the past being repeated and compressed into smaller divisions of time. This is not by chance or by the seemingly randomness of nature, rather this is a by-product of our ability through higher levels of consciousness to recognize definitive patterns unfolding. All this additional awareness helps us define and powerfully create a New Earth one in which is far more balanced due to our newly developed cognitive abilities. We find ourselves now because of re-wired genetics, more capable of assimilating greater levels of our higher-selves into the physical body and thus, it becomes easier to release fear-based patterns replaced with higher thought forms of light commonly referred to as- unconditional love.

To a large degree our societal progression and evolution of thought out of darkness is generated by and has been facilitated in part by our divided brains. As explained in the post- 2012 Consciousness Shift- Right Brain vs. Left, we all are now in the process of re-uniting these two dissimilar hemispheres each with very special and specific functions. All the while in a simultaneous fashion as these changes in our brain transpire, our DNA is becoming more receptive to light communication from the higher-self or spirit. At this higher level or frequency of awareness, what is available for us to comprehend and act upon is exponentially greater than what has been previously accessible. We should expect to experience more joy, self realization and expression, creativity and peace. However, this process will primarily be a gradual one and as more of humanity embodies the new genetics, civilization as a whole will restructure society into a world governed predominantly by unconditional love.

As we merge into a more complete, unified human the communication abilities between each other and most importantly the unfettered reunion to our higher-selves will catapult this world to wonderful levels unimaginable. This entirely different dimensional existence is only accessed by following this enfoldment process without resistance and releasing any judgmental dispositions formally held. Entry into a New Earth is now open for all who wish to continue this remarkable journey. However, it’s spiritually and physically impossible to enter for those who wish to remain in the lower domains of chaos disconnected from their higher-selves. A lot of the physical changes discussed here are automatic processes that do not require special monitoring. Recognizing the existence of and accepting their sometimes gentle prodding will bring forth a smoother, graceful transition and assimilation of all the various alterations manifesting.

A Personal Choice to Reunite

The choice to enter and travel beyond where you are now regardless of outward appearances or influences is ultimately a personal one. This whole process is what is referred to as the “ascension” or to become “Christed” or Christ-like. It also can be associated with the return of Christ in Christian theological terms and actually indwelling within an individual not an exclusive group. I’m not here advocating a specific religion of sorts, only to imply the wisdom of the ages can be found wherever universal truth is found. And that this truth can be found anywhere.

Most of the world’s faiths lay out what is now occurring utilizing various expressions of thought in a valiant, worthy attempt to disclose esoteric knowledge. What should be realized during this entire sequence of events is that none are exempt as it’s a universal law. Universal law also dictates that only the soul that embodies the physical body for Divine life expression can allow the full alteration to manifest. No one can do this for you; no external saviors will do your bidding. Only by example in word and deed is assistance offered. For a closer look at the internal process, changes and potential effects of transformation, see this post- 2012 is Happening Inside You.

To re-cap in another way, the highest forms of our spirit and its communication method in the physical body, is made possible through our DNA structure at the quantum level. And this energetic form is based on photons or light particles which interplay within our cellular makeup. So we really are Angels, or rather, Angles of light and the body is our prism diffusing our light-bodies in the physical! As all matter is composed by various levels of energy vibration or wave frequencies, so it is our thoughts which play a vital, critical role. To help facilitate the changes in a more orderly and non-chaotic fashion, we should pay greater attention to the thoughts we choose- for it is they which dictate our emotions and ultimately influence what emerges into our outward world.

Although DNA and the energetic influences that are altering our very cells will naturally do their part, we bear allot of responsibility in how we choose to traverse over this threshold into a New Earth. It is a well known fact that our biochemistry and brain chemistry are not influenced directly by external means; they are altered by the emotional impact generated by our thoughts to what we perceive. While every cell and associated structures of your body is changing rapidly allowing you to integrate higher frequencies of spirit, embrace the creative choice of change and your higher-self will carry you and your world into a more beautiful place.

Make a conscious choice to continue participating in your own quantum communication in unison with the infinite language of light. Above all, enjoy the journey.           

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  1. May 21, 2010 3:43 PM

    DNA/RNA are building blocks which inhabit the conscious indivudual to interpet function to achieve ascention affected by the different freqencies that create awarenesses connected to the whole’ness, that which came out of caos! (patterned consciousness). By either word or deed, assistance will not be available, only by example. Proverbs, 27.1 No one really knows what the future holds, but a lot more individuals seem to be able to communicate in a much greater enviornment of whice they are helping to destroy. (Awareness is key)! Thank you!!! GOD BLESS THE INTERNET.

  2. May 21, 2010 3:08 PM

    Talking about hitting the nail on the head? Great Job!!! Better than the hand book on business admistration (Library of Congress)! Theory (x) and theory (y).

  3. May 11, 2010 12:39 PM

    I agree that human consciousness is evolving toward a tipping point. We are in the middle of an accelerating change.

    In my view, nothing exists but patterned consciousness. Time, space, the past, the future and the material universe are artifacts of our perception. They enjoy a conditional reality rather than an absolute one. The only time is now. All consciousness is constantly re-creating itself in every moment. Humans may be the only facets of consciousness that are conscious of being conscious. For that reason, humans are capable of creating their universe on purpose. That is where we fit in the scheme of wholeness.

    Check out my blog. Let’s talk.

    • May 12, 2010 4:40 PM

      Joe, thanks for your comments and insight. Regarding your view on consciousness- yes, there is a reasonable expectation our human capacity for perception of the “material” universe is forever expanding irrespective of the “now”. Since all that we are currently capable of grasping is truly a reflection (previous manifestation of thought/energy into matter) of what has already transpired; that is, in linear time. As for the reference to “patterned consciousness” not quite sure what you speak of in that terminology. Regards, SOTA

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