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World Collapse Explained in Three Minutes

June 6, 2010

World Collapse Explained in Three Minutes

Release, Relief & Restructure

Here is a real funny video clip that hammers home in a very comical way, the dire straits in which the world’s emerging sovereign debt crisis is actually shaping up to be.

Although this topic is no laughing matter- just ask those living in Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece & Spain I.E. the “PIIGS” and you will get an earful. This round of decades old, over leveraged borrowing and debt accumulation, along with deceptive credit-money creation is now coming to a head in a country near you.

No individuals, corporations or sovereign nations can escape the basic mathematical conclusions of just such a system. It now appears to have run its destined course, and we are witnessing the death of one system and a birth of a new way to view money creation which shall benefit the majority, no longer to exclusively serve a select minority.

So a fresh, laughing perspective as to where this is all headed for these countries and for that matter, the potential to roll westward towards the UK or USA, I offer up some comic relief! This short clip focuses on the hot spots in the EU although nothing excludes other nations from future participation.

As they say, we are all interconnected in more ways than you can imagine. Keep an open mind, because the next few years are going to provide some shocking, yet good, and long-over-due changes to our global economic picture and related monetary systems.

Enjoy the ride!

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