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2012 Predictions For A Shift Of The Age

July 15, 2010

2012 Predictions For A Shift Of The Age

Before we get into the heart of the matter concerning four of the top predictions centered on our current Shift Of The Age, one should come to the realization that this whole shift process is a natural one. Not a very easy thought to consider today when the subject is examined without an open mind. If that is your predisposition, or if you know someone who needs a better understanding of what major effects may very well transpire over the next few years of this present shift, it is my intent this article offers some help in that regard.

First off, please know this period in which we find ourselves is a transient, temporary one. Our world today is filled with unprecedented turmoil and challenges which can, at times, seem overwhelming. While some would argue this has always been the case, they could not deny the volume and intensity of what we face today is ever increasing unabated. It’s as if we are face to face with the darkest aspects of humanity screaming at the coming dawn of a new and very bright era now appearing before us. And as this is a natural process, in a similar fashion to creating life itself, the birth pains come before the joy.

The onslaught of these changes some of which are pleasant and others very unpleasant, effect each one of us in the most profound and personal ways. If there is any consolation, we are all on this fantastic ride together. It will be through us coming together as unique individuals with the same intent to ultimately triumph into a brighter day. We now stand on the threshold of a New Earth one we will create that actually begins within each of us.

A Valuable Opportunity

By no historical means are we now experiencing a world-wide cultural paradigm shift for the first time. Throughout our popular recorded history, the inhabitants of Earth experienced within their lifetimes, something so novel that mankind and life on this planet was in many ways, transformed forever. And here we find ourselves again!

Although speculation abounds as to the most probable source of these transformative shifts, yet regardless of what precipitates these life-altering events, history has shown they in fact occurred. I’m not merely referring to cyclic geological upheavals and associated theories of catastrophism. Rather, I would suggest we focus on the wonderful human evolutionary leaps which have catapulted mankind into higher levels awareness through a greater ability to consciously apply finer thought-forms. Here now as before, is where we find ourselves challenged to allow transformation to take place. Are you up to the challenge?

Therein lies a very significant aspect of what we are all once again, facing. An opportunity to consciously re-direct our intentions to define with greater authority, a world truly transformed for the better of the whole. As explained in this post- 2012 Is Happening Inside You, something profound is forcing us to closely re-examine not only our individual lives, but the totality of interaction with our surrounding world. We by our very thoughts and choices without exception, build the world we live in. Could it be that our handicaps are now being removed? I believe the answer to that question is- YES!

Not Etched in Prophetic Stone

It’s important to note and point out that what is commonly referred to as the “Shift Age”, has been occurring for some time now. Most of the leading proponents from varying viewpoints either in academia or within lesser know circles of esoteric, spiritual or religious schools of thought agree the current Shift of the Age process has been rapidly unfolding for the past twelve years.

They would also conclude to a point, that what may happen is malleable. Most schools of thought feel we will look back on the infamous winter solstice date of December 21, 2012 and conclude this date was the defining turning point into another dimension of conscious awareness.

The following predictions are not to be construed as prophetic in nature. These are to be viewed as a conglomeration, a gathering of the most probable outcomes based on humanities current direction with a dose of “cosmic conspiracy of influence” included for good measure. As with all predictions, they are not etched in stone. That is to say, not everyone will experience the Shift equally and as you read, allow your heart to lead yourself in the direction you want for your life. Choice and empowerment are now yours for the taking as never before. With that, let’s move onto the top four predictions for this Shift of the Age.

Predictions for the 2012 Shift

1)      Earth changing astronomical events caused by the Galactic Alignment.

This is a factual astronomical event caused by the Precession of the Equinox whereby our solar system comes into direct alignment and passes through the equator of our galaxy, the Milky Way. Scientifically calculated to occur every 25,920 years as the Earth along with our neighboring planets, traverses the Galactic equator in approximately 18 years. Also, this same event is said to occur at the half-way point of the precession cycle or, every 12,960 years. The most accurate measurements indicate this galactic alignment began around 1998 and will continue through 2016 as we move through the galactic equator. Recent scientific discoveries conclude a super massive black hole exists at the center of the Milky Way galaxy which influence many predictions.

Although not fully understood, the energies which emanate from the galaxy’s center along the Galactic equator could be responsible for the Galactic Super-wave theories and subsequent effects on everything in their energetic path. Time is not on our side as we may soon experience a blast from the past either by the energy emanating from our galaxy’s center or a galactic super-wave.

Finally, one cannot exclude our Sun in this astronomically based prediction. Coronal Mass Ejections or, solar flares peak in 11 year cycles and the next solar peak according to scientists will be in 2012. Massive solar flares unseen in recent history are recorded in lunar rock samples indicating “Super Flares” 50 times higher than any current intensity did occur approximately 16,000 years ago. Additional scientific evidence indicates all of our solar system’s planets are changing rapidly. Apparently, “global warming” and climate change is not exclusively an Earthly domain. See this post for more details-Precession of the Equinox from Darkness into Light.

On the potential for cataclysmic, mountain-moving mayhem, there is a reasonable probability our Earth and we upon it, may be transformed by these cosmic convergences and their associated by-products. Solar flares and the like, combined with our ever decreasing magnetic field enveloping the Earth which is overdue for a magnetic pole reversal, can equally spell disaster or massive changes to our fragile, technologically dependent life.

In conclusion, while these astronomical events are factual, their effect on the human psyche and our planet as a whole could play a major if not a pivotal role in the entire transformation process during the shift time period.

2)      The end of time as we know it.

No credible predictions would be complete without the inclusion of the mysterious Maya Long-Count calendar. Mayan time keeping calculates a 5,125 year long periodic era is concluding on December 21, 2012. For more reading, see this post- The-Mayan Underworlds and 2012. According to Maya mythology, on that fateful day of December 21, 2012, Earth will align with the Dark Rift (near the Milky Way’s center nuclear bulge). They referred to this place and alignment as the Black Road and represented the Crossroads or Sacred Tree in their mythology. They also had a specific term for the Milky Way’s center it was- Hunab K’u. Translated it means womb, or birth place; could they be referring to our return to the place of birth or a re-birth is about to occur? It would serve you well to know the Maya obviously had possession of vast knowledge of the cosmos most of which modern man has only recently discovered (including the timing of this alignment) and confirmed accurate. That fact in and of itself is very curious and noteworthy being that the Maya civilization peaked around 250 AD to 900 AD.

While popular culture may embrace the notion of the end-of-the-world will take place around this 2012 date, the Maya tell a far different story. According to the Maya, the world as we know it will cease to exist in its current state because this date in time marks the beginning of a new cycle called the “Fifth Sun”. They state emphatically: world will not physically end.

The preceding cyclical eras were dominated by altering influences, forces that were either female or male oriented. These where always divisive, fairly unbalanced periods of existence. The current expiring fourth cycle was dominated by the male energies associated with our left brain’s capacity to express its unique characteristics. Think of the emerging Fifth Sun as the equal blending the energetic qualities of both male and female powers. Both left and right brain operating as a whole is the key here. (See this article- 2012 Consciousness Shift- Right Brain vs. Left for more) Imagine a world where one side is not competing against the other, but co-existing equally together without separation and in doing so, eliminating confrontations by helping support one another. Think- peace on earth, harmony and a return to full consciousness and personal power unimaginable, a world essentially void of strife.

Very similar and possibly confirming predictions involving eras and time-cycles come from the other side of the planet. Described within the Hindu scriptures, we also find the concept of time cycles and their corresponding attributes of each. The scriptures describe in detail, four cycles or eras known as Yugas. Most interpreters believe we are or have just exited the Kali Yuga. The Kali Yuga is the last in a series of Yugas, a period of time when spiritual degeneration is at the lowest level. It is also referred to as the Dark Age as people are the furthest removed from God. During the Kali Yuga, the qualities of man and life on Earth read like today’s evening news. Just as the Maya’s Long Count calendar propose, the Hindu time cycles containing the roughest periods of darkness appear to have recently ended. We are now experiencing the remaining, residual effects these ages personify.

Bottom line here is the general theme within these time-based predictions from indigenous peoples accurately point to the time in which we are now in. According to the Maya and Hindu (as well as others) traditions and predictions, we are well into the transition period into a New Earth that will emerge totally changed and renewed. To that, we can be grateful for.

3)      Chaos capitalized by selfish power players.

For those who are oriented towards more self serving means, the opportunity to gain additional control over the world’s population will be seized upon. We should expect to see a continuation to further expand dominion over people and nations through fear-based manipulation and tactics. Whether by controlled economic collapse of countries, environmental or natural Earth disasters, the threat of or actual world war, we will see the most base, deceptive and inhumane behavior promoted by a select few continue unabated for a short while.

Consider the fact that for the past 5,000 years we have witnessed the extreme potential of malice among mankind actually played out in every respect. During the closing days of this age, there will be a portion of mankind who deliberately choose in a valiant attempt, to retain age old power hierarchy and divisional power structures that are purely self-serving. They are aligned with the knowledge that time and opportunity to gain additional global control over humanity is very short. In short, contrast all that to the opposing mass of humanity who are awakening and witnessing all the evidence of high level deception, deceit, greed and self-serving actions of a minority group, these groups will no longer be tolerated any further.

Global opposition to these groups or individuals and their intentions of further manipulative control, have already begun to collapse under their own weight. Expect to witness additional shocking revelations brought into the open in the areas of- politics, government including the military, large businesses and institutions, energy, banking and finance at both the country and world-wide levels.

4)      Rapid evolution of human consciousness .

Here is where the optimism and sincere hope for humanity arrives. Notwithstanding all the three preceding predictions, we culminate where we all begin. There is no doubt you would agree your life is vastly different than it was just five years ago, and for that matter, only a couple of years past. You like I, are changing rapidly. Just like the prediction for cosmic events to accelerate and culminate in a New Earth evolving, so too will we be a different human being. It matters not the external influences or calamities that we participate in either physically or mentally, what is at the heart of the matter is our spiritual, eternal condition reflected outwardly. This golden truth is the wisdom of the ages.

Look around at your neighbors, loved ones, friends and acquaintances do you receive the differences about them? Often you can experience and subtly feel firsthand how they like you, have changed. Some are still struggling, others and integrating and balancing various aspects of their lives and in the process, becoming complete.

During the waning days of 2012 before we are more fully conscious expect to see glimmers of far different human interactions especially with those who have made a personal decision to live life unbounded by fear and limitations. Likewise, expect to witness some who remain locked into a vanishing world that is not supported by those who deliberately choose to face all their darkest aspects and banish them one at a time. We should each expect to partake in a final episode of humanities transition into a fully conscious being that has integrated and become whole within our very being- mind, body, spirit and soul.

We all have to share compassion equally during this transition as we experience changes to ourselves and the world unseen before. Be aware and refuse to succumb into a place where disparities tempt you with the illusion that we are not all equals and separate from one another. There will be an attempt to have people “choose sides” as the separation mindset of our ego demands attention to remain in control of a faded reality.

The Dynamic Combination

In consideration for the length of this post, I deliberately took liberty and condensed the predictions into only four categories. Although the prediction list could be rather extensive, many of the possibilities used to make 2012 predictions can be realistically categorized into one of the four predictions above. It is the authors opinion we could actually experience a dynamic combination of the above four predictions.

Despite numerous potentials, the first prediction is by far the most probable catalyst and ultimate time keeper of when and why these paradigm shifts actually occur. When one considers everything in the universe is related and interconnected down to the atomic, subatomic and quantum level, it’s not a far stretch to conclude the universe sets creation in motion and dictates the evolutionary expansion process.

As anticipation increases the closer we approach the 2012 infamous date, we should not lose sight of just what we all face. Beyond the common hype of doom and destruction when conversations turn to 2012, another more important conversation should accompany such discussions. If only 50% of the predictions prove valid, the outcome is all about the future of humanity and how we coexist on Earth beyond our previous limitations.

Through a very high probability of the predictions above, the universes cosmic influence appear to be conspiring through a combination of ways to remind each one of us that we are not merely spectators to a epoch destined to transpire, but are to be active participants. What we should at least understand by now, is we cannot as human beings, journey much further on the former path we created. Have we not already experienced enough to a small degree, how that path would end?

The shift is really all about you…and your response to any elements of the predictions as they unfold. An opportunity exists for everyone during this current Shift of The Age for looking inward at our personal intentions and how we flow through this whole shift process because it is equally about ourselves in as much the same way as all of us collectively.

As always- your comments are welcomed and encouraged. If you like what you see and read here at Shift of The Age, be apart of the awareness- share! Be sure to forward, subscribe via RSS feed or email direct to your inbox. Thanks!

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