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Love is Energy…. Pass it forward! Video

August 31, 2010

Love is Energy…. Pass it forward!


What is the most exciting thing that each one of us could possibly be doing right now to enhance our long-term inner joy? Could it simply be receptive to and radiate out that which empowers all of us? You know that compelling feeling deep inside.

We all have experienced it and know it is not an imaginary thing. Although fleeting at times, it will never forsake us for it cannot because this mysterious force is in all and through all. It actually powers the known universe!

What is “IT“?

The answer- Love. Of course! And more definitively, Unconditional Love; attempting to be expressed through our own human fragility. Not merely effectual love between living beings, as this form is but a fragment of the complete, all-encompassing immense Unconditional Love. As we move closer to the division and choice point in humanities split-in-the-road evolutionary mile marker, each one of us will have ultimately faced a very important decision. Some have already made their choice, others may be indecisive still.

Unconditional Love only waits patiently for each to decide. There is still a little “time” left.

A Choice To Make

This choice of how to govern your life at the most intimate level is only yours to make. Consider the importance of your choice because it matters to your life and the planet as a whole. Participation here is mandatory. Believe it or not, this is the key reason you have chosen to be here and now. To those who have expressed their decision to allow Unconditional Love to flow through them and experience more magic (and more LOVE) in their lives, congratulations!

“Unconditional Love is the only truth, everything else is an illusion”


“We cannot suffer without having taken the temporary to be the eternal”


“What you resist persists. What you love and accept releases you”


To the undecideds, ask to experience the eternal touch of Unconditional Love often enough to remind you of your ultimate purpose in life. That is, to be a conduit and a recipient of this power while simultaneously being a benefactor and also helping in your decision process. Our world is ready and waiting for us to reach a tipping point of transformation through Unconditional Love into a more harmonious, peaceful world.

This will be accomplished soon as the evidence is overwhelming everywhere. Whatever your decision is, there is no right or wrong choice, you are only responsible for deciding. Others opinions matter not, for their life choices are also their own.

This remark may come as a surprise to some, to others, it confirms a basic universal principle- the world is not broken and eternity allow for us to experiment continually.

Enjoy this short clip showcasing the importance of Unconditional Love-

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  1. September 13, 2010 8:38 PM

    Studying Charles Haanel,Bing healed by Sam Mranto. Belivein unconditional universal love. Please send me more information. Thanks Brenda DeArmon

    • September 14, 2010 6:17 PM

      Brenda, good to hear you are studying a real master’s work in Charles Haanel. I suspect you are referring to his book- The Master Key System. Some believe he was a forefather to our modern re-understanding of the co-creative powers we all have available within. Not voodoo spirituality but rather, scientific fact that is now being confirmed daily. I’m not very familiar with Sam Meranto, but you could very well be in great company. You will know by the way you feel. As for sending you more info, I suggest reading this article as it may be of help to you- “2012 Is Happening Inside You”. Found here-

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