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Rocking the world

A Little Insight-

Tim’s interest and study of non-mainstream subject matter including esoteric topics begun at the age of 14. Being forever inquisitive by nature has quickly lead him to higher levels of awareness and a heightened intuition for understanding the arcane.

With a long career in finance specializing in mortgage banking, this has helped Tim apply a professional, down-to-earth approach when discussing and writing about the science of spirituality. Tim is equally adept in bringing clarity out of the confusion caused by today’s global economic and Geo-political upheaval now upon us as we travel through a Shift of The Age.

What do those who really know Tim say “who” he is? Sometimes a catalyst of change for the better of all. At times initially misunderstood because of that identity, but always admired for loving unconditionally.

An idealist of sorts who is grounded through reasoned applications of thought and contemplation. Eternally optimistic of our future while combining high energy with a clear perspective as to the importance, and power of the thoughts and choices we make everyday. To contact Tim, please follow this link here.