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What are we about

A New Earth

The intent and purpose behind this website is to engage thought, to gain understanding and above all- move to action. Topics of interest in essence focus what most of us on Earth are increasingly aware of-

“A Shift of the Age” is upon us.

Yes, it’s true from a historical perspective change is perpetual; yet the speed and intensity at which we now collectively experience change is so profound and without precedence.

So, what are we to do during this time of great change? What institutions and fundamental life systems are in need of immediate modification or removal all together?

First we build awareness of what must be transformed, add conviction of principle together with assurance that we intrinsically have complete power to create our world. Validation and confirmation applied with a non-judgmental disposition are the initial keys required to assess what must change.


This Shift is now forcing outdated patterns of thoughts and institutions to advance, which had created for their time, necessary and useful components of life. Many of these no longer useful components likewise are now dissolving in an accelerated fashion. What is now rapidly emerging are new patterns of collective thought whereby all can benefit on many levels through a non-competitive sharing of mutually beneficial resources and knowledge.

Let us together, unite powerfully by putting aside our ideologies which have promoted division and strife for the benefit of a select few, and recognize we are all of the same biology- fellow humans. I believe through combining and applying on an ongoing basis the best of science, technology and spirit will ultimately lead those willing, into a grand New Earth.

Welcome to Shift of The Age!

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